joining us from SPAIN…

Mateu shares his experience learning English and playing football at the City Football Academy last summer:


What did you work on in your training sessions and English classes?

In football training sessions we worked on football skills and techniques like those practiced by professional players like Kevin de Bruyne and others. There were many training sessions and they were all varied and different.

In English classes we worked on various projects. The projects were all related to football. We pretended as if we were professional players who did interviews, analysed football matches and built our own teams. Everything we did was related to football, using appropriate vocabulary.

How did the coaches help you develop as a player?

Each coach had 14 or 15 players. The coaches taught us how to play individually and how to play collectively too. The coach corrected me when I did not do the exercise well and encouraged us all time.

How have the classroom activities helped you improve your confidence and ability in English?

The English classes really helped me to know football vocabulary better, for example, and also I learnt useful vocabulary for life. Classroom activities helped me a lot because we constantly practised new vocabulary and new expressions. The part that I really liked about classes was when we interacted inside the class with people from another country and we did activities.

English is obviously the most important communication language in the world. Most information on the Internet is in this language. So for me it is very important to learn English to be able to travel and to communicate with other people.


What was your favourite training session and why?

All the trainings were very good but personally the one I liked the most was the day we did the competition. That day I was able to demonstrate or realize what I learned.


Did you enjoy training at a professional training facility?

All the trainings were in Manchester City’s facilities. I enjoyed it a lot because that’s how I felt like a professional player. It also made me think that professional players are in these facilities. Everything was in perfect condition.


Come and enjoy, Have a good time. Make many friends. Listen and learn from others. Be humble and hardworking. But above all, be happy and enjoy all.