joining us from italy…

This year Rebecca joined us for her third year at the City Football Language School! We have enjoyed welcoming Rebecca back year after year and have seen her grow in confidence and develop as a player more and more each time.

We wanted to ask her a few questions about her experience. Read her first-hand account here:


What kind of things did you work on in your football and English sessions? 

In our football sessions, we worked on many different aspects. We focused mainly on individual development, doing dribbling exercises such as the skills zone; and we learned how to tackle efficiently. As a developing team, we worked on 2 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 situations, we trained a lot on passing, shooting, creating chances and completing matches and tournaments.

In our English lessons, we had to achieve multiple projects. Every day we had to do something different and interesting, always connected to football subjects. The main ones we focused on were player interviews, commentary, punditry, as well as press conferences. We have also analysed innovation on football and iconic moments. My absolute favourite part of the English lessons was definitely doing punditry and interviewing other people. I also appreciated the facilities we had in class.

How do you think you have developed as a person and a player over the last few years on the programme?

The first year I came to Manchester City Football Language School, it was all new to me so I wasn’t very confident in playing football with other girls, it was very hard to communicate. But over the years I’ve worked a lot on my weaknesses and I developed a lot thanks to this amazing program. My self-confidence, point of view, training and especially my communication have highly improved.

Classroom activities were always good and interesting; I was able to improve my skills in football as well as in public speaking. In the first few days it was challenging to start speaking always in English – it was a bit difficult for me – but once I had lessons it seemed to be easier to me. English is the most popular language in the world.  It is incredible also to think how this language can draw plenty of people, cultures, religions, ways of thinking together.


What has been your best highlight to date? 

My highlight, to date, has been definitely playing matches with all the other girls, getting out of the comfort zone. I loved to play with and against girls with different styles from all over the world. Also, activities such as meeting Manchester City Women’s team were an highlight as they gave me the opportunity to meet inspiring women football players.

As a goalkeeper, have you found the course useful, and how did the training sessions help you develop this particular skill?

Despite the fact that the course is not specifically targeted to goalkeepers I found it useful because it helped me to develop my vision, first touch, teamwork, and it has helped me to improve specific goalkeeper skills such as moving quickly the ball around, building the play, organising the team and communicating.


If you want to meet people, make friends from all over the world, learn English, play football in an exclusive location, and live as a professional player, you should attend the City Manchester Football Academy! It is the right place for improving all the above skills.

My advice for future CFLS players is to take advantage of all the things that you will learn, behave like a professional player, make friends, and most importantly: have fun!

This is going to be one of the best experiences of your life.